The Inn

It was the last meal before Pesach, so I grabbed a burger. Not the first time. There were years of a final slice of pizza, a big mac, a piece of apple pie, and donuts. But, this year was serious. It’s been over a week since my last burger, and I worked through lunch. I was starving, and I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Burger Inn.

You see, Dion used to sit across from me. At least once a week and often more than that Dion would make a pilgrimage to the Burger Inn. He swore by the place. Said that when he moved to Halifax, it was the only thing he missed about Calgary.

When the scent of his burger would waft across the desk during lunch hour, I would always grow a little jealous. The burger smelled amazing. So on a day when I wanted nothing more, I wandered across the street and ordered a double burger.

The burger did not disappoint. It was enormous. A half pound of beef topped with American cheese, onions, mayo, ketchup, pickles, relish lettuce and tomato. The burger was char-grilled and tasted fantastic. I was thoroughly impressed. The toppings were fine, but the patties were meaty, not overly juicy, but a good bite all the same.

Which brings me to two slight issues. First, relish on a burger. If there is one topping that belongs on a hot dog and not a burger it’s relish. I mean, you put a pickle on the burger, why are you giving me pickle sauce as well? Second, the frozen patty. I watched the cook throw two patties on the grill for me. I’m not sure that they were frozen but they were pre-made. The best burger I’ve ever had was from fresh beef ground once an hour, the pre-made patty leaves me dreaming about that burger.

I have to say, regardless of these two slight flaws, this could become a go-to burger. That, and with the incredible options available (including a Kobe beef, ostrich, elk, lamb and pork burger), I will definitely be back to sample more of the goods.

All in all, a great find.



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