The Luthor Burger

It’s funny, I’ve been sitting on this review for about a month. Each time I try to write it, my opinion changes. Any burger so epic that it is served in a doughnut deserves a fair review, but it’s really given me troubles.

I caught this burger at the Calgary Stampede. Between the dude selling pizza on a stick and the dude selling deep fried Oreos was my dream vendor. The dude selling doughnut burgers.

The burger tasted fantastic. A massive patty topped with bacon and cheese served in a maple glazed doughnut. It had everything going for it, the salty bacon, the sweet glaze, and good old fashioned American cheese, but for some reason, every time I think about it, it’s followed by two thoughts. 1. When can I have another & 2. Do I really even want one?

I told you the burger tasted good, but really that’s only half the battle. The first issue is  it only took about 30 seconds to arrive once it was ordered and paid for. Now I know it takes more than 30 seconds to make a burger. So that fact that it was ready when I ordered it, means the patty was sitting for a while. There’s no question it was greasy, but how old was it? The best burgers are made to order. To pay a premium price for a burger that’s been sitting, is like being expected to tip at McDonald’s.  Not an ideal situation.

Another issue with this burger, and maybe I should have expected this, was that over 1,000 calories in one burger is not really good for the system. I was exhausted after eating it, and never really recovered. The rest of the day and into the next, I felt ill. I guess I should have paid attention to The Boondocks (S01, E10).

The final problem with this monstrosity lay in the doughnut. Sure the maple glaze was fine, but every time I’ve heard of this magical treat it came in either one or two Krispy Kreme’s. Now it’s not the brand that was the problem here, it’s that I was anticipating an epic burger served inside an epic doughnut, and this doughnut was far from epic. It was thicker, heavier and tough. Almost like it was a little stale. It may have functioned better as a bun, but a mess would hardly have been a deterrent in this situation.

All issues aside, I’m grateful to have tried the burger. I’ll never do it again, but hey – you live, you learn.

4.3 (during)-3 (following 36 hrs)


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