The Pork Belly

Back home in Toronto I received a strong recommendation. Go to Porchetta & Co., bring your Italian brother in law to be, and watch his jaw drop. Quite the reco.

Never in my life did I expect the words to come true. I ordered a Porchetta sandwich with Truffle Sauce and Rapini, Lapo ordered the same thing on a platter. I took a bite, turned my head to watch Lapo, and saw his head explode. The flavor of the meat was outrageous. I don’t know how Porchetta is supposed to taste, but in my opinion, it should taste like this. Succulent and savory, with bits of crispy skin added for flavor and texture, the sandwich was incredible.

Go. Go now. Your mouth deserves to visit this place.


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I'm trying to be the best. Anything less just isn't good enough.
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