The Local

Sometimes running all over the city looking for an amazing burger is counter intuitive. We often take for granted what is sitting right in front of us. You can imagine my surprise when I wandered into my local starving, ordered, and received an incredible burger.

Local 510, my local bar has great beer specials. At least that was all I knew about it until I ordered the burger. I always assumed there food would be fine, just because of the decor, but when you just go somewhere in search of a pint, you rarely end up ordering food.

The other day I ordered their burger and was blown away. At first it made me feel a little silly that I hadn’t tried one, but that thought was long gone once I bit in and could think of nothing else but the burger at hand.

This thing comes loaded – lettuce, tomato, pickle, mustard, mayo and Russian dressing. I added Swiss cheese and was in heaven.

When the burger arrived I was already impressed. Served on a cutting board with a small bowl of fries, the burger looked spectacular. I took the picture than marveled at it before biting in. I guess I could have added ketchup, but everything looked so right. How happy was I when it tasted as good as it looked.

The right combination of sweet, savory, charred and crunchy (the lettuce). My friend had ordered some tacos, (supposedly also pretty good) and before he had finished his second taco, my burger had disappeared. I had demolished it.  It probably touched the cutting board a couple of times, but I can’t remember because I ate it so quickly.

I’ve since been back, and I’m sure I’ll get there a few more times.

Moral of the story: check your local burger before driving halfway across the city for something half as good.



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