The Sweetness

The blog is called The Carnivore, and the goal is to find the best burger. But like most others, I love a little dessert too. Especially when the dessert is freaking awesome.

It’s hard to critique a fresh doughnut. They’re perfect. Fluffy, soft and sweet.

I first heard about Jelly Modern Donuts from a friend. She had heard about their Maple Bacon doughnut and recommended I try one. I’m not really one for sweet and savory, but I walked over anyway. I mean really, who says no to an incredible doughnut?

When I got there I was super impressed. The doughnuts looked like works of art, and there were plenty to choose from. Some of the most spectacular must have been the Marshmallow, Peanut Butter and Jelly, S’mores and of course the Maple Bacon. I went with their Classic Jelly  and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla doughnuts. Like a Lays commercial, I couldn’t have just one.

I carried them home like a football, afraid to drop them or let anyone snatch them. Never have I felt so protective over food. When I finally got home I dove in, demolishing the doughnuts, and every piece of icing that fell off in the box. They were incredible. Scratch that. They were F’ing amazing. I even ended up going back for more the next day.

If you have been sleeping on Jelly Modern Doughnuts, go. I think Crave has finally found some competition.

Now if only I could get them to split one and throw a burger in, I’ll be in Luther Vandross’s heaven.


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I'm trying to be the best. Anything less just isn't good enough.
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