The Drive-In

The Inglewood Drive-In is a time warp. Tucked away off the main strip in Inglewood, the Inglewood Drive-In looks like the neighborhood was built around it. Complete with booth seating, and a small counter the place is a throwback to the times when burgers didn’t need to have fancy ingredients.

Walking in I got the feeling that I was ordering something special. I chose the double cheese burger, and took my seat. The burger comes topped perfectly. With mustard, mayo, ketchup, pickles, onions and cheese, there’s nothing more that you really need. Lettuce and tomatoes are extra, but really that’s fine. Sometimes soggy lettuce or less than fresh tomatoes can take away from a really good burger.

To say that the double did not disapoint is a drastic understatement. The burger was phenomenal. The flavors worked, the patties were juicy and the bun was perfect. Like really perfect. Soft, fluffy and complemented the burger. Little things like the bun can really damage a bare bones burger, this one absolutely did not.

The only real drawback may have been the patties. They were processed and perfectly formed, but in the end they were juicy, so they get a pass. That is a real credit to the person on the grill.

Finally, and this is hardly a last but not least, the price makes this burger even better. At under five bucks, you get an unbelievable burger. I know I’ll be back, I recommend you get there too.



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