The Submarine

Banh Mi. The Vietnamese Sandwich. A baguette topped with spicy chicken satays, carrots, cucumber, sweet onions, green chillis, cilantro and cheese. This, is Calgary’s favorite sub.

It’s a little incredible, in a province know for it’s beef, you would expect a number of late night burger spots or hot dog vendors – Calgary’s favorite late night munchie is the Vietnamese Sub.

I have to say, I’m converted. The Banh Mi is amazing. I personally order the sandwich without cheese, but even with a little cheese it tastes great.

If Toronto had more places like this, Subway and Mr. Sub would be out of business. If you’re ever a little peckish walking down 17th Ave., check out Kim Anh. It’s little more than a sub and bubble tea spot, but in my experience, it’s the Viet Sub around.


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2 Responses to The Submarine

  1. liz says:

    dan! toronto is full of banh mi! just go to chinatown. all the U of T students love ’em cuz they are dirt cheap and filling.

    but i agree that it is very surprising that calgary loves ’em too!

  2. hungry.dan says:

    Liz I’ll be at Rae’s bday on friday, you need to show me the good spots. I know one spot in Toronto, but haven’t seen them elsewhere.

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