The Heritage Burger

The Deane House, completed August 21, 1929 is one of Calgary’s beautiful heritage buildings. Originally located across the river from it’s current location, the building now functions as a restaurant and dinner theater.

Finding a random post about their burger on a Calgary foodie site, I decided I had to check it out. Any successor to the crown deserves one visit.

They have three burgers on the menu, but a short conversation with waitress led me to The Captain’s Burger. Alberta ground chuck topped with aged white chedder, tomato jam, double smoked bacon and baby gem lettuce on a toasted ciabatta bun.

On paper the burger sounded incredible, as I waited I pondered exactly what Tomato Jam would taste like.

When the burger arrived, I tore into it like a banshee. I experienced a melange of flavors I was totally unprepared for. The burger was juicy (if preformed), the cheese was strong, the bacon salty and the jam, wow the jam. The sweetness of jam mixed with the tang of tomatos. What a condiment. I’m not sure it could replace ketchup, but on the right sandwich it’s pretty good.

On reflection, I’m not sure I loved the burger as much as the condiments, but for a nice meal on the river, I totally recommend the experience.



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