The Billionaire Special

The Laurier Lounge is famous throughout Calgary. As the story goes, when Warren Buffet made a trip to Calgary, he ate here. The reservation, booked a month in advance was booked to satisfy the billionaire’s needs. He expects, a quiet room, a bit of history and a good burger on the menu. The Laurier Lounge is famous for leaving him satisfied.

This was a burger I had to try. Being less than a billionaire I made plans to go two weeks in advance. I held out, tried to eat anything but a burger, saving myself for the W. B. Burger. When the day finally came, I showed up ravenous.

I ordered the Buffet Special. A Montreal Filet Mignon Hambourgois, with emmentaler cheese, horseradish & garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato and onion.

I usually add mustard, this time, I’m glad I didn’t. The Laurier Lounge makes a tasty burger. The meat was well spiced; at no point overpowering, but exceptionally tasty. The horseradish & garlic aioli was a nice touch, it gave the burger an intricate flavour and really added to the experience.

There was only one drawback. You see, the better the beef, the less cooked you want a burger. I tried to order mine medium, you know, a little pink, but the waitress refused. Filet Mignon as a cut of beef, has very little fat. Without the natural fat  found in ground chuck, the burger has a tendency to dry out, especially when cooked on an open grill.

I would have loved the burger to be a little jucier, but I have to say this was a great experience. Oh, and for the record, the poutine is outrageous.



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