The Could-Have-Been

When you order a burger topped with asiago, pancetta, tomato, red onion and burger sauce (mayo & ketchup) expectations are naturally high. When you order that same burger from THE gourmet food store in town, they might as well be astronomical.

Maybe it was my own fault. The Sunterra Market is a gourmet eatery (first mistake), there were far too many people trying to get their lunch at the same time (second), and the chefs (third) were overworked.

What I’ve realized over the course of my burger adventure is, a burger is not a gourmet food. You can dress it up anyway you want, but at it’s best, its still just ground chuck cooked on a flat top or grill,  sandwiched between two fresh buns.

Sunterra confused me with the elaborate toppings. Had they told me the truth, that it would be tasty toppings on a  hockey puck, I probably would have gone with a club sandwich.

This review ends without a rating. From the picture, you can see how I was drawn in, it’s a shame, looks can be deceiving.


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1 Response to The Could-Have-Been

  1. Tatiana says:

    Sunterra has a lot of awful food, in fact it’s kind of schizophrenic – they can have an amazing turkey stock that tastes like a thousand turkeys died for it, and they can make the most awful, tasteless, watery bruschetta. Their ‘big pan’ lunches are usually tasteless. Their sandwiches are a good value, as they’re hard to screw up, but I’d never try their burger. I guess this is why.

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