The Donair

There’s a street like it in every city. It’s not quite a highway, but it’s wide and busy, away from the downtown core. On both sides of the street there are more restaurants than one could count, most of them fast food. In Calgary, this is McCloud Trail. I’m not really one for your basic fast food (McD’s, BK, A&W, etc.) which is probably why My Donair caught my eye.

I’ve easily driven past this place 100 times in the past two months. I pass it on every trip away from home, and then again every trip back. Last night I woke up dreaming of “My Donair.” So I took it as a sign, and when I passed it, ravenous after missing lunch, I pulled up right in front and walked in.

On first look, it isn’t all that impressive. They have four spits occupied by different shwarma and donair fillings, a few tables and a register. Seems pedestrian. I walked up and asked for a donair and that’s when the place hooked me. “What size?”, the nice lady asked me. I looked up and smiled. The options: Regular 85g, Super 135g, Deluxe 165g and Jumbo 300g. No small or medium on the menu. This was my kind of place.

(Ed. Note: for those who can’t do the math, the Regular is just under a quarter pound, and the Jumbo clocks in at about 2/3 of a pound.)

I ordered a regular, for this occasion, it was the right amount of food. But the next time My Donair appears in my dreams, I’m going with the Jumbo.

They make a mean sandwich.


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