The Institution

If there is one place in Calgary synonymous with burgers, it has to be Peter’s Drive-In. The place is famous. Opened in 1964, it’s most likely the place where anyone under 50 went for their first burger.

When I rolled up I was impressed. No seats. Two walk up windows, a drive up window and a parking lot with a couple picnic benches. True to it’s name. I hoped that the burgers stood up to legend. I should have prayed.

I ordered a double burger – loaded, an onion rings and shake. The food was ready almost immediately, and I went to sit at one of the picnic tables.

The burger that Calgary raves about were a disappointment. The patties were cookie cutters. There was no trace of the homemade aesthetic promised. Had you given the burger an orange wrapper and told me it was from Harvey’s, I wouldn’t have argued.

On the other hand, Peter’s almost made up for the burger with the sides. The portion sizes were enormous. I ordered an onion rings, and my friend ordered a small fries. Never have I seen more fried goodness for such a low price. If you head, stick with the small, anything more is just gluttony.

Like I said, I also ordered one of Peter’s famous shakes. I am compelled to say this must have been the thickest milkshake I have ever tried. I don’t know exactly how they make it, but it is the gift that remains after the meal. Too thick to drink with my burger, it was the perfect desert after a double burger and 2 tonnes of fried food. I’m not sure that it was the best shake I’ve ever had, but I do know that I’d go back for another.

All in all, an ok meal.



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2 Responses to The Institution

  1. >the burgers at peter's don't matter. it's about three things: the shoebox-size fries, the 'experience', and, duh, THE FRICKIN' MILKSHAKES!!

  2. hungry dan says:

    >fair dues, the shake was good.

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