The Unconventional

In my opinion, there’s two parts to every burger. There’s the meat, and the rest. Usually if one part is less than great, the burger suffers, however, there are occasions where one element is so spectacular that the other is almost irrelevant.

When I walked into the Kingsland Farmer’s Market yesterday the first booth I saw was the Urban Bistro. On first glance, I wasn’t sold. So I walked the rest of the market looking for another option. You see, I was looking for a burger, but was profoundly worried that any place called a) urban or b) bistro was going to make me a great burger.

After a full walk around I had come to the conclusion that the only place that served a burger was the ‘Urban Bistro.’ On first glance, the stand had full menu of burgers. So I did what any lazy burger eater would and walked up to the booth and asked the proprietor what their best burger was. The response was unexpected to say the least. ‘Do you like goat’s cheese?’ the lady answered. I shrugged and said sure, why not and she followed with, ‘You get the number 4. The UB. The Urban Burger.’ I smiled, said ok and went to wait for my burger.

As I walked away, I realized I said yes without even knowing what was on the burger. I immediately checked the picture I snapped of the menu and came to the conclusion that there was Goat’s cheese, avocado and some other stuff. I sat down with few nerves, and full acceptance that if this burger was no good, I could always visit another food stand.

A short wait later, my burger arrived. It looked appealing, so I asked the lady who brought it, what was on it. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, ‘Avocado, Goat’s Cheese, Tomato, Pesto, and a little mustard and mayo.’ As she walked away I shrugged and rolled up my sleeves. I just had to know.

On first bite, my eyes popped. This burger was fantastic. Goat’s cheese, pesto, tomato and avocado together are outrageous. The patty itself was average, but the flavor of the toppings was original, tangy and really really tasty. I never would have guessed, but each of the flavors and textures blended so well, I had eaten half the burger before I put it down. The tang of the goats cheese was balanced by the zest of the pesto and sweetness of the tomato and mayo. There was also a slight tang from the mustard. Incredible toppings. (The only reason I did put it down was to taste the pesto on a french fry. Good stuff.)

A few moments later the burger’s creator walked by to see what I thought. With sauces spread across my face, I smiled at him from ear to ear and asked him about the burger. Apparently he had bought the patties from a butcher the day prior, and grilled them on a flat top. He explained that he had ironed out the tastes, the next step was making his own patties.

I told him exactly what I am about to say now… Had I read the menu, I probably never would have ordered this burger, but I was so thoroughly impressed with the taste, I would eat it again. He thanked me and invited me back to try the Stampede burger, saying that it was really good as well. I smiled, took a bite and told him I’d be back for sure.

Urban Bistro 4.0


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2 Responses to The Unconventional

  1. tatianak says:

    >I love the fries there, the best 3.25 I've ever spent, and now I'm gonna have to go back and try the burger too. Love your review style – it has much more personality than most Calgary sites.Cheers!

  2. travelchamp says:

    >Well now I'm going to have to try this one…great blog btw : )

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