The Ship

A visit to Chowhound and a personal recommendation for Saturday night brought me to Calgary institution, The Ship and Anchor. Walking through the door my first thought that this was a pub on steroids. There must have be upwards of 50 tables in the joint with at least a 40 ft bar. It still had the wood and brick interior expected of your neighborhood pub, only it was 4 times the size. Interesting.

I sat down with a friend and ordered a Traditional. When I asked what the food was like, he told me that he had never eaten at the pub before. (In fact, most people I had spoken with told me the same thing.) When I told him that I had heard the burger was good, he laughed.

10 mins later, half-way through my second pint of Trad, the burger arrived. I have to say, from first sight, this hand crafted patty looked appealing. Big and fat, on a massive bun, topped with melted cheese. On the other side of the bun was the expected mayo, lettuce, tomato and bacon. I added some ketchup and mustard, folded that sucker up and bit in.

Great burger. Thick, juicy, and tasty the meat stood out from the toppings. The right blend of spices made this the best burger I have tried in Calgary so far. I didn’t want to put it down. With a mouth full of food, I told my friend how good it was. I’m not sure he understood a word with the loud music, and food impeding my voice, but I have no doubt that the smile on my face said it all. About a minute later he exclaimed that he’ll be trying the burger next time, if only because I looked like I was in heaven. As I chewed away, I agreed with a big nod.

I have to say, this is one burger I will definitely be revisiting.

Ship and Anchor 4.1


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