The Bacon Chedder

Chuck & Co. made me nervous. An empty burger joint at dinner time is not encouraging. I was about to turn and leave when the chef, working the cash, said hello. A quick back and forth about what’s good led me to this.

A bacon stuffed ground chuck patty, smothered in chedder, topped with sweet onions, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo. Epic. All I heard the guy say was, ‘fried bacon stuffed into the patty,’ before I began dreaming about the burger. I hardly remember paying.

A quick five minutes later and the burger was ready. The short prep-time was welcomed by me, but may not be universally loved. To clarify, I ate a red burger. Sure it had tanned on the grill, but my burger still mooed (and oinked); and it tasted excellent. The bacon added a salty and smokey flavour to the fatty chuck. After the first bite I only put it down twice.

Even well cooked this burger will never be amazing, (the crispy bacon becomes soft when placed mid patty), but it was tasty. I wasn’t all that impressed with the toppings, but the Ciabatta bun held the juicy burger together well.

More importantly, I think I’d go back to check out their Montreal burger. The combination of the chef’s sunny personality and great service won me over, and the burger was good enough to bring me back. The fries were good too.



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